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Moving 101: A Guide to the Heaviest and Most Difficult Items to Move

Posted by Gordon Bolton

Moving items is not easy. Aside from avoiding getting emotional over the memories you leave behind, you must pay careful attention to your things. You may think you can handle all the heavy lifting, but there are things you need to know first.

For instance, if you’re moving a piano to your new home, you can’t just place it on the back of your trunk and call it a day. You need to contact a piano moving company to help handle your belongings with care.

With that said, here is a list of the heaviest and most difficult items to move.


You can move appliances like washers and dryers without professional help. But other devices, like refrigerators, freezers, and ovens, are often extremely heavy and difficult to move. Plus, they’re delicate, so you need to be careful when moving them.

To move an appliance, you must unplug and disconnect any hoses or cords and empty the machine of any water or food. When you’re ready to load the appliance into the moving truck, place the appliance upright and secure it with straps or rope to prevent it from tipping.

However, if all else fails, it’s best to call a professional moving company. They will have the right equipment to move large appliances without causing damage. They will also have the experience and expertise to prevent any injuries. 

Musical Instruments 

If you’re someone who likes playing instruments or a music band member, you’ll find that your musical instruments are a bit more difficult to move than other items. They are often large and prone to damage. Plus, you’ll want to ensure they stay in tune during the move.

Take piano as an example. Pianos are one of the most difficult items to move. They are large, heavy, and delicate.

If you’re moving a piano overa long distance, you may consider hiring a professional piano mover. They will have the experience and expertise to move your piano without damaging it and have the right tools and equipment to prevent any injuries.


Furniture pieces are also notoriously challenging to move. They’re usually heavy and have a lot of moving parts. Plus, you will need to disassemble any furniture too large to fit through the door. To move furniture, you’ll need to make sure that you have pieces removed (if possible) or the assistance needed to move heavy furniture. 


As one of the largest gadgets available in most homes, televisions can be a hassle to move. They are usually quite heavy and may require special moving equipment. You’ll want to ensure that your television is properly secured during the move to prevent damage. 

To move a television, you must remove all cords and cables. You will also need to remove any stands or brackets. Once you have all of the parts removed, you can wrap the television in a blanket or moving pad.

Final Thoughts

Moving is a big job, and it’s essential to be prepared for it. A few items are particularly difficult to move, and it’s vital to know how to handle them. With a foolproof strategy and patience, you can get through the move without too much trouble.

If you need assistance with your piano, trust Piano Movers of Texas. We are a professional piano moving company that is well-versed in ensuring that your piano is safely transported to your new home. Contact us today!

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