Piano Storage

Your piano is more than just an instrument. It’s an investment, it’s an heirloom, and it can’t just be put in a box and placed in a closet when it’s not in use or while you’re moving. They are delicate and precise instruments that need proper care even when they’re not being used. Even storing it in a non-climate controlled garage, basement, or self serve storage unit is a terrible idea. Whether you need to store a piano for a day, week, month, or longer than a year, you need to go with a piano storage expert to keep your piano pristine condition.

Climate Controlled Piano Storage

The safest way to store your piano is in a climate controlled environment without any windows that let in sunlight throughout the day. These places have taken every precaution to create a suitable storage space for your piano so it comes out in the same condition as it was on the day it was stored.


  • Climate controlled space above 60°F
  • Stored on a piano dolly a few inches off the ground
  • Piano should be covered w/ blankets or a piano storage cover
  • Piano lyre & pedal box should be removed prior to moving to prevent damage
  • (Optional) Blankets or piano storage cover should be plastic wrapped to minimize moisture

Why can’t I use a self storage unit?

It can be tempting to go with a self storage unit to store your piano while you’re moving or until you have room for it again, but you really shouldn’t. Most of these units are not climate controlled and get real expensive real quick when you start needing more square footage for grand pianos.

On top of that, they’re 100% self service. You’ll either have to move the piano yourself, which isn’t recommended, or contact a piano moving company to do it for you. You should be doing the latter since moving a piano is unlike anything you’ve ever moved before and if you’re going to pay someone to move it, you might as well pay them to store it in facility that was designed to store pianos, not Nana’s knick knacks.

Go With the Piano Storage Experts

Piano Movers of Texas has been storing pianos for well over 10 years and our 4,000 square foot, climate controlled facility is more than capable of keeping your piano safe whether it’s being stored for a day or a year. Get in touch today for a free piano storage quote!

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