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A Full Guide for a Safe Long-Distance Piano Transport

Posted by Gordon Bolton

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move, and long-distance moves are even more complicated. You need to take a few extra steps to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination in one piece.

With some planning and the right team of professional piano movers, you can rest assured that your beloved instrument will make it safe and sound to its new home.

Tips to Keep Piano Transport Safe and Efficient

When you need to move your piano long distance, it’s essential to take extra care to ensure that the instrument arrives safely at its destination. 

Here are four tips to remember when planning a long-distance piano move with the assistance of piano movers:

  1. Don’t just hire any nationwide mover—find one that specializes in pianos. They will have the experience and equipment vital to transport your instrument safely.
  2. The legs of your piano may need to be removed before the move. Doing so will help prevent damage during transport.
  3. Be sure to secure the piano in the moving truck properly. It should be placed towards the front of the car and secured with straps or blankets to keep it from shifting during transit.
  4. Once the piano arrives at its destination, have a professional tuner or technician inspect it for any damage and tune it if necessary. 

These precautions will help ensure that your piano arrives safely at its new home.

Benefits of Hiring Piano Movers Over DIY Transport

Pianos are delicate instruments and call for excellent handling with care. Always hire a team of professionals with experience moving pianos for a long-distance is vital.

Movers experienced in piano transfers will know how to properly disassemble the piano, load it onto the truck, and reassemble it at your new home. They will also have the necessary equipment to safely transport your piano, such as a custom-made dolly and straps designed specifically for pianos.

Though it might appear cheaper and more hands-on, there are several benefits to hiring professional piano movers rather than attempting to move the instrument yourself. 

For one, pianos are extremely heavy and bulky, making them difficult to maneuver. In addition, they are delicate instruments that can be easily damaged if not handled properly. Professional piano movers have the experience and expertise to safely transport pianos, ensuring that the instrument arrives at its destination in one piece.

Finally, piano moving is time-consuming and requires careful planning and coordination. By hiring professionals, you can avoid the hassle and stress of trying to move a piano on your own.

Keep Your Precious Piano Safe

Transporting a piano long-distance is no small feat, but with some planning and the use of experienced specialists, you can ensure that your beloved instrument will arrive at its new home safe and sound. Be sure to take the time to clean both the interior and exterior before the move, and cover any exposed surfaces with padding or bubble wrap for extra protection. These simple steps ensure that your piano will transition smoothly to its new home.

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