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How to Move a Piano? The DOs to Know Today

Posted by Gordon Bolton

Whether you are in the process of a home remodel or moving to a new house, ensuring that your piano is safe is well worth the effort. After all, a piano is a valuable investment for many households. In fact, many families believe that their family piano is one of their most prized possessions.

Read on to discover the right ways and the DOs of how to move a piano.

The DOs of Moving a Piano Indoors

Before anything, pause and consider how to properly move your piano within your home. We recommend that you DO:

  • Put the keyboard cover back on. Even if you’re not going far, the piano needs to be secured.
  • Measure everything. Consider the measurements of the piano. Examine the widths of doorways and hallways. If the piano will not fit, it must be dismantled.
  • Remove legs and other pieces to fit through doorways or hallways. To enable transport, most pianos feature removable pieces.
  • Make use of a piano moving service. Because of the weight of the piano, moving equipment is required, and if it must be disassembled, make sure a professional does it.
  • Make the way clear. You want a clear path to the piano’s new location. Furniture, lamps, end tables, rugs, and other items must be relocated. There should be no tripping dangers.
  • Inform your movers about the type and weight of your piano. You can check the product label or contact the manufacturer for more information. Online searches can help estimate the weight of your piano.

One thing you must take note of is that the piano should not be rolled around on its casters as the wheels could lock up from inactivity. The legs of the piano may shatter if you push or pull it while the wheels are locked, and the metal wheels could potentially harm wood and carpet.

The DOs of Long-Distance Piano Transport

What to do and what not to do when transferring a piano locally or long distance. Follow the same steps as when transferring the piano across rooms. We recommend that you DO:

  • Notify your mover if anything is missing or damaged. This will help ensure there is no further damage.
  • Indicate where you want the piano unloaded. When unloading, ensure there is a clear route to the piano’s new location.
  • Inform your mover of any difficulties in relocating your piano. Movers need to be made aware of small doorways or hallways and any stairs so that a plan can be made to safely relocate the piano.
  • Inform your mover of any problems with the piano’s relocation.
  • Ascertain that the piano is properly loaded onto the moving vehicle. Piano movers will secure the instrument in the vehicle with furniture-grade straps.

When the movers arrive, the piano should not be disturbed. Professionals will transport your piano; they will disassemble the piano, box it, and transport it to your new home or storage facility if necessary.

Plan your relocation ahead of time. If you wait too long to contact a moving company, the firm you employ may lack the necessary equipment or knowledge of how to transport your piano safely.

The DOs of Storing Your Piano

After relocating or moving your piano indoors or outdoors, make sure you store it correctly. We recommend that you DO:

  • Keep a piano cover on hand. Remove the padding and covering if the piano will be stored for a short time.
  • Make use of climatized storage. Extreme temperature variations can have an effect on a piano’s humidity, wetness, and moisture. Check to see if your piano storage facility has climate control.

Despite the popular moving technique, never wrap the piano or its parts in plastic. Plastic is impermeable and does not allow for ventilation. Cloth cushioning and textiles allow air to circulate and are hence breathable.

After moving your piano, give it time to adjust, and have it inspected and re-tuned before usage. 

Ready to Move Your Piano?

Hiring a qualified piano moving company can give you peace of mind whether you require in-home, local, or long-distance transportation or storage services. With professionals on your side, you may be confident that your piano will be suitably protected.

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