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Moving a piano is a daunting task no owner relishes. The sheer size and weight alone make a piano a formidable object to move. Without a lot of manpower and the right equipment, moving a piano is dangerous. Most owners rely on the professional services of Piano Movers Austin. Taking a DIY approach may lead to serious injuries or damage to your expensive piano.

Fantastic job with our Kawi Baby Grand and our Kawi UST7. The pianos were moved from Pflugerville to Ardmore, Oklahoma and even stored while we waited to close on the house. Great price and great service. If you want a crew to trust with very expensive pianos look to these guys. Professionals at moving pianos! – Ron H

What You Should Know About Piano Moving

Have you ever tried to petition friends and family to help you move a piano? How many excuses did you get? There is a good reason people shy away from this task. Pianos are heavy instruments, and their bulky size makes them difficult to move without plenty of help and the proper equipment.

Upright pianos, especially older ones, can weigh as much as 800 pounds with a 60-inch width. The average size for an upright piano is around 400-500 pounds with widths approximately 6-foot long. Even if you own a spinet, they can weigh up to 400 pounds.

Grand pianos are even heavier with the largest models running around 1200-1300 pounds. Grand pianos range in width from 4 ½ to 6 foot in length. There are even larger models of grands that are more difficult to move.

Looking at the above averages, there is no doubt moving a piano is a big undertaking. Most owners do not want to take the risks of moving their piano themselves.

Why Are Pianos So Heavy?

The reason that big piano of yours weighs so much is due to the heavy cast iron harp. The harp holds the strings in place and is responsible for the sounds that are produced. The reason smaller uprights are lighter than big grands is that they have smaller iron harps.

Common DIY Mistakes

No matter how much people are warned to hire the professional Piano Movers Austin, there are always going to be those who try to save a few bucks. Some of the common mistakes people make include the following.

1. Miscalculating the weight

2. Using the castors to move the piano

3. Not enough manpower

4. Improper moving equipment

5. Rushing the moving process

Mistakes lead to serious injuries, damage to the piano, and damage to the flooring or other components of a home. It is wise to hire professionals who are properly trained to move all types of piano models safely and effectively. Taking a DIY approach to moving your piano simply is not worth the risk.

Do not risk broken fingers, sprains, or slipped vertebral disks by taking on a piano moving project you are not fully prepared to handle. Are the risks really worth saving a few bucks?

Why Are We the Experts?

Moving is tough, but throwing a piano in the mix is even tougher. Moving a piano is back-breaking work, especially when it weighs hundreds of pounds and must go up or down a flight of stairs. If you are considering moving your piano, are you sure you can handle up to 1300 pounds without injuries or damages? All it takes is one mistake!

  • As professionals, we have been highly trained to properly disassemble grand pianos for a safe move.
  • We take meticulous care in moving your piano because we understand both its sentimental and monetary value.
  • We come equipped with all the equipment that is necessary for safely moving pianos of all types, sizes, and weights.
  • We fully protect your piano with proper wrapping, padding, and a piano board.
  • We treat your piano as if it is our own.

We have been moving pianos for over ten years and our expertise ensures your piano is safely moved with no damage or injuries.

How to Prepare for the Move

Before we come out to move your piano, there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

1. Consider the path we will need to take to move your piano. Make sure all obstacles are removed, along with any rugs or chords.

2. Protect your flooring or any other surface that may come into contact with the piano. Inform us of any areas that require special care, such as new flooring.

3. If possible, remove any piano accessories that are detachable, such as the casters. Casters are mainly for decoration and should never be used for moving a piano. Trying to roll a piano on casters will gouge your flooring and could lead to broken piano legs.

4. Do not make the mistake of getting your piano tuned before we move it. No matter how careful we are, the move is going to jostle the keys and lead to the need for tuning. Wait until your piano is set up in your new place before tuning.

Taking the above steps will help to ensure the piano moving process is a successful one.

Allow Us to Transport Your New Piano

Austin, Texas is home to some of the best piano stores in the country. Whether you are buying from MusicMasters or the Strait Music Company, we will gladly help with the move.

We will pick up your new piano from the store and transport it safely to your home. We treat your new piano as the prized treasure it truly is.

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