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Moving any type of large or heavy object presents problems, but moving a piano is certainly one of the most difficult tasks anyone could undertake. Because there are numerous issues involved when moving a piano, it pays to understand why working with an expert is always recommended.

Planning the Move is Always Important

Because pianos are actually quite delicate, it’s important to take whatever steps are necessary to develop a moving plan well before the actual move. While some moves will be relatively simple, others will be complex and present unique challenges.

So, what elements should be considered when planning a move? While some needs will vary depending on the piano’s location and the time of year, there are some factors that always come into play.

  • Consider the weather. The time of the year will dictate what types of weather issues may need to be dealt with. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex certainly has weather challenges throughout the year. Snow, ice, and rain are all possible, meaning anyone moving a piano will need to cover all the possible bases to prevent weather-related damage. Piano movers in Ft. Worth are always ready to deal with all potential weather problems.
  • Steps always present problems. While handling one or two steps may not be a major issue, any more steps will require extra help, specialized equipment, and care to minimize the potential for any damage to your piano.
  • Narrow hallways are also problematic, especially when moving larger pianos. In many cases, pianos may need to be at least partially disassembled when moved through narrow hallways. If corners are present, the move will become even more difficult. Many DIY piano movers quickly discover they need expert help when they can’t get a piano around a tight corner.
  • Pianos are heavy. Even smaller pianos quickly tip the scales at over 500 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to handle unless the individuals handling the move have experience. Concert grand pianos commonly weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds, which means most DIY movers simply won’t have the equipment or necessary experience to move them.
  • Depending on the specific situation, other variables will have to be considered. Contacting a local piano moving service in advance allows everyone to understand what types of issues must be faced during the actual moving process. A piano moving professional will take the time to assess each client’s piano moving needs and develop a plan of action that addresses all potential issues.

Be Prepared on the Day of the Move

Regardless of who is actually moving a piano, it’s also important to prepare a home for the move. There are certain things a professional piano mover will stress when working with clients.

  • Clear a path for the movers. That may sound easy, but many people don’t take the time to make sure there is nothing obstructing the movers. If the piano movers will be using a home’s driveway, make sure there are no vehicles, bikes, or toys in the way. A piano moving truck may be quite large, which means that vehicle will need room to maneuver.
  • Remove any obstructions in the home. Furniture should be moved out of the way before the piano movers arrive. Don’t leave pictures hanging on the walls if they will present a hazard during the move. If the piano must be moved up or down a set of stairs, remove the handrail. While some piano moving companies are willing to do those things for their clients, the cost of the move will increase if they do so.
  • Make sure pets and children are out of the area when the piano movers are present. That’s for everyone’s safety. It’s just too easy for accidents to happen if small children or pets are anywhere around during the moving process.

Again, specific situations will require other actions be taken prior to and during the actual move. The local piano moving experts will discuss any issues with their client to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Delivering a New or Used Piano is Easier with Professional Help

If you’re purchasing a new or used piano from one of the area’s numerous stores or a private seller, consider asking the piano moving experts for help. Some retail stores will have delivery services available, but they might not be the best option for every move. When you purchase a piano from a private seller, avoid considering DIY moving, as the risks involved are too great. Untrained individuals without the proper expertise and equipment can easily be injured, and damage to the piano is far more likely to occur when experts are not involved in the moving process.

Yes, the Costs of a Piano Move is Important

While having a professional move your piano isn’t inexpensive, working with the experts will eliminate the risks involved with a DIY move. DIY movers will generally have to rent a truck large enough to handle a piano, and the majority of rental trucks don’t have the padding or tie-downs necessary to minimize the potential for damage.

Renting appropriate moving dollies and other equipment is also costly but remember that the experts already have all the tools required to move any type of piano successfully. If someone helping with a DIY move is injured, the cost of a move will go up quickly. Professional piano movers are covered by their own insurance and are also far less likely to be injured as they’re trained and experienced.

Getting Your Questions Answered Starts Now

Any time a piano must be moved, the process can become complicated. That’s why it’s always a good idea to contact Piano movers Ft Worth to ensure the best strategy for the move is developed.

Plano music stores may also recommend local movers to safely move pianos even when complex conditions are present. Rather than risking any damage to your piano, why not take the time now to contact a local piano moving professional for advice? At the very least, you’ll better understand the process and how an expert can provide the help needed to safely move your new piano.