3 Tips You Can Prepare Your Piano before Movers Arrive

Posted by Gordon Bolton

Moving a piano is no small feat. Not only are they large and heavy, but they are also delicate and expensive instruments. If you’re planning on moving a piano, there are a few things you need to do before the piano movers arrive.

1. Give Them All the Necessary Details

When you call a piano moving company, they will ask you various questions about the piano and the move. Be sure to give them as many details as possible to prepare for the move properly.

First, let them know the size of the piano, as well as its weight. A standard upright piano weighs around 400 pounds, while a grand piano can weigh well over 1,000 pounds. Knowing the size and weight of the piano will help the movers determine the best way to move it.

Next, let them know if the piano has been tuned recently. If it has, it will need to be retuned after the move.

Finally, let the movers know if the piano is in good condition. If it isn’t, they may need to take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t become damaged during the move.

2. Prepare the Piano

Once you’ve given the movers all the necessary details, it’s time to prepare the piano for the move. First, if the piano is in a case, you’ll need to remove the case. This will make it easier for the movers to lift the piano.

If the piano has been tuned recently, you’ll have to retune it again after the move.

Make sure to remove all of the items from the top of the piano. These items can shift during the move and become damaged.

Finally, the movers will then cover the piano with a moving blanket. This will protect it from scratches and other damage during the move.

3. Clear the Path Where the Piano Will Cross

Once the piano is prepared, you’ll need to make sure there is a clear path for it to be moved. Ensure there is plenty of room for it to be moved through doorways, around corners, and up or down stairs.

You’ll also need to clean the path to ensure no debris could cause the piano to slip or fall. If the piano needs to be moved up or downstairs, you’ll need to ensure the stairs are clear.

If you have carpet, you’ll need to make sure the carpet is smooth. You may need to stretch the carpet or lay a carpet runner to make sure it’s smooth.

If you have hardwood floors, make sure the floor is clean and dry. The movers may also provide a furniture dolly to move the piano on hardwood floors.

The Bottom Line

Planning and preparation are key to having a successful move with your piano. Following the tips in this article, you can ensure that your piano is ready to be transported safely and without damage.

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