How does the weather affect your piano?

According to some of the latest reports, an estimated 28 million pianos are currently owned across the United States. This includes the ones most recently purchased but doesn’t account for the one that…

Can Moving a Piano Affect its Sound?

Pianos are beautiful, unique, and complex instruments. The average full-sized piano has more than 200 strings, and even the smallest change in the tension of one of them can affect its tone. Tuning…

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Moving a piano shouldn’t be difficult, right? Although a number of people must come together to move an object of this size, the same is true of other household items. However, pianos need…

Why is it so Difficult to Move a Piano?

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10 Essential Tips on How to Take Care of a Piano

That being said, pianos are also high-maintenance instruments that require a lot of care. Unlike your child’s recorder, which can be tossed on a shelf and forgotten about, pianos require tuning, maintenance, and…

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5 Piano Songs for Beginners

5 Piano Songs for Beginners Despite what people say, you can learn to play the piano at any age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 years old and your mom is forcing you…

How to Move a Piano

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire Professionals? The piano is one, if not the most valuable item in your home. It is heavy, delicate and awkwardly-shaped that moving it across the room…