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7 Tips on Moving Your Piano Cross-Country in One Piece

Posted by Gordon Bolton

Are you considering moving your beloved piano cross-country? Packing up your cherished instrument and transporting it across the country can seem like a daunting task. But with the right knowledge and preparation, you can successfully move your piano without breaking the bank.

From selecting the right mover to understanding the most cost-effective way to transport your piano, this guide will cover all the essential information you need to know. We’ll also share some expert advice from piano movers on keeping your piano safe and secure during the moving process. Whether you’re moving a grand piano, an upright piano, or a digital piano, these seven tips will help you move your instrument with confidence. 

So, don’t stop the music! With the right preparation, you can move your piano across the country without a hitch. Read on to learn all the essential information you need to know about moving your beloved instrument. 

Tip #1: Hire a Professional Piano Mover 

The first and most important step in moving a piano is to hire a professional piano mover. A professional piano mover will have the experience and knowledge to safely move your piano without causing any damage. It’s also important to ensure the mover you hire has the right equipment and is licensed and insured. 

Tip #2: Get an Insurance Quote for Your Piano Move 

It’s always a good idea to get an insurance quote for your piano move. This will protect you from any damage or losses that could occur during the moving process. Most professional piano movers will offer insurance coverage for your move, so make sure to ask about it before you hire them. 

Tip #3: Choose the Right Time of Year to Move Your Piano 

The right time of year to move your piano depends on where you live. In general, cooler temperatures are best for moving a piano since extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the instrument. For instance, if you live in a hot climate, you may want to consider moving your piano in the cooler months.

Tip #4: Prepare Your Piano for the Move 

Before you move your piano, make sure to take the time to properly prepare it. This includes tuning the strings, securing the keys, and removing any loose parts. You should also make sure to cover the piano with heavy blankets or bubble wrap to protect it from scratches and other damage during the move. 

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment for the Job 

Moving a piano requires a lot of specialized equipment. Make sure you have the right dollies, straps, and padding to move your instrument safely. You should also consider renting a piano board, which is designed to make it easier to move the piano. 

Tip #6: Follow the Piano Moving Guidelines 

It’s important to follow the proper piano moving guidelines to ensure the safety of your instrument. Be sure to secure the piano’s lid and any pedals with tape or straps, and ensure the piano is properly strapped down to the moving truck. If you’re moving a digital piano, make sure to disconnect all wires and cords and pack them separately. And don’t forget to remove the legs before loading the piano onto the truck.

Tip #7: Find the Perfect New Spot for Your Piano

Finally, when it comes time to unload your piano, you’ll need to find the perfect spot for it in your new home. Make sure to measure the space before you move the piano to ensure it will fit. Then, take the time to level the piano, using a carpenter’s level. This will ensure that the instrument is balanced and stable, which will help preserve its sound quality.

Let’s Get Moving!

Moving a piano cross-country can seem daunting, but with the right tips and knowledge, it can be done safely and effectively. It is important to have a plan and the right equipment or people to help with the task. It is also important to understand the different types of pianos and how they can be moved. With the right preparation and care, your piano can be moved to its new home safely, securely, and with minimal disruption.

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